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Jan 14, 2013 8:30pm EST
networks, president clinton was was dell and he said we can't expect our businesses to compete internationally if they only have access the speed of korea, and he is absolutely right. >> reed hundt, energy is included in your book on technology. why? >> guest: to quote the smashing pumpkins, we all know what we're after, we just have to get there faster. we all know we need a clean energy economy, where it's really, really cheap to buy the energy and where the energy that you're buying is not polluting the atmosphere. not causing a greenhouse gasses that are driving up the temperature and producing droughts and is not producing a number of other health-related effects from air pollution. we all know this. we know what we're after. how we're going to get there? the way we discovered in the book is, it's pretty simple. could you have the federal government buy all the new things that are necessary and then give them away? not practical. not going to happen. we don't have that kind of capability in the federal government to add the deficit. so you have to open the door to private
Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
, they can get a gun. cross the line in dell e delware, it's a fugitive warrant. people convicted of misdemeanors for abusing their children are now prohibited, aid to the list. but you deal with it every day, there's parental abuse for elderly parents. should they be prohibited? i'm not making a judgment bota. convinced judgment but i am convinced whether or not the prohibited category should be scened. the most delicate area is the mental health area, which requires a great deal of study and ironically, this i is where you find the pro gun guys to prohibit more and the antigun guys saying, no, no, no it's privacy. but we have to look at it. we have to address it. just a few of the potential categories the president asked the attorney general to look at. but there's a second issue involved here, and all of you know it. we have a thing called nicks. it runs the background check on people before they can buy guns if they're in that prohibited class, and it's a little like, if you ever bought a gun -- i have two shotguns, 20-gauge and a 12-gauge shotgun. you go and you get a backgro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2